EuroSense 2014

Sixth European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research

Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

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On behalf of the organizing and scientific committees, we would like to invite you to join us at the 6th European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research 'A Sense of Life'.

The 2014 meeting addresses the wide-ranging theme of ‘A Sense of Life’. Sensory and consumer science is an evolving discipline moving from a few well-established research organisations to many players in all corners of our planet. The field has strong ties to industry but at the same time affects our cultures and increases awareness about ourselves and the choices we make as human beings. Some of the invited speakers will offer a Scandinavian perspective on these themes at Eurosense 2014. Traditionally the Nordic culture has focus on the welfare and well-being of individuals through simple design, functionality and focus on sustainability goods, living conditions and services. This is ingrained in the citizens of the Nordic countries from childhood to the elderly. The Eurosense organisers take the opportunity to elaborate on the quality of life across the life span as a as a focal point of the conference programme.

Inspiring ideas, thoughts, words, discussions; inspiring people: new ways of thinking, creativity and curiosity - these are important drivers in all research fields, as well as in the development of new products, methods, processes or technologies. All will be present in Copenhagen.

Topics covered include

The conference programme will be organized around the following major topics:

  • Sensory science across the lifespan
  • Sensory in the different phases of life
  • Wellness, health and satisfaction
  • Quality of life and food
  • Design and pleasure
  • New and old methods in sensory and consumer science
  • Big data/data mining/internet data
  • Mechanisms of food intake, neuroscience
  • Sensory and the consumer

The programme will be organised as oral and poster sessions and it will be possible to suggest workshops.

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What the delegates  of the 2012 meeting had to say...
“Excellent update on research performed in consumer and sensory fields.”
“The most complete conference on sensory science after the Pangborn...”
“...great networking event for sensory professionals.”
“Extremely well-planned...”
“High quality technical program, with a lot of innovation.”
“The most important congress in this field.”

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