Commercial Workshops

The following commercial workshops will take place during EuroSense 2022

Future, Fast, Fun! Learn the innovative ways to conduct sensory and consumer research with EyeQuestion

For over two decades, EyeQuestion is proud to be a powerful ingredient to efficiently discovering high-quality insights in product perception. EyeQuestion has been at the forefront of innovation, developing the world’s first web application software for Sensory and Consumer Research.

We invite you to join our workshop in EuroSense 2022, where we will be showcasing the latest innovations we have been developing. Get ready to discover how EyeQuestion will be the secret ingredient to your success.

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RedJade Workshop

Come see what makes RedJade the most intuitive, powerful sensory, consumer and marketing research software suite available. 

Manage your sensory, consumer and market research in ONE place - onboard and recruit subjects, collect data and share live results with 1-click. Come see how RedJade can be used to not only collect sensory and consumer data, but marketing data as well - including Conjoint, Max-Diff, TURF, and Text Highlighter. Collect more robust data than ever before - only with RedJade.

Pre-registration is not required for this workshop

Multi-Sensory Branding Workshop by HCD

Life is a sensory experience using all the different sensory triggers to help us be aware of what is happening around us. For decades marketers have been building expertise in reaching consumers through the five senses—deploying sensory cues that can intensify perceptions of brands. Understanding that even without conscious awareness our bodily sensations drive the decisions we make market and consumer researchers are recognizing how powerful the responses to nonconscious stimuli can be. The senses affect attitude, mood, and even memory more profoundly than words ever could. Every consumer company should be thinking about design in a holistic way, using the senses to help create and intensify brand personalities that consumers will cherish and remember.

In this workshop you will participate in group discussion about how sensory teams can inform marketing strategy and engage in an interactive exercise related to multi-sensory marketing experiences in order to stand out from the competition as well as the importance of Brand Harmony in design and testing.

Consumer Involvement in Research. Know your Consumer!

Workshop by SAM Sensory and Consumer Research
Agile innovation and consumer insights are fundamental to creating successful products. Throughout the last 35 years, SAM Sensory and Consumer Research has been pioneering research innovation using sensory and consumer sciences and the most advanced agile research techniques.
SAM would like to welcome you to join our workshop at EuroSense 2022, where we will present and discuss our latest research and innovations on gamification, social media, new data collection technologies, data quality and the application of AI in sensory and consumer research – all supported by rigorous research and case studies.
We will discuss together our findings on topics such as:

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