Davide Giacalone, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

Davide Giacalone

Talk: Grilling the myths: Uncomfortable truths and promising paths in consumer research on alternative protein.

Davide Giacalone is an Associate Professor and Research Group Leader of the Sustainable Food Innovation Group at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Southern Denmark. His research focuses on consumer acceptance of technological innovations in the food domain, with the overarching goal of designing forward-thinking, healthy, and sustainable foods for the future. With a background in sensory and consumer science, his special areas of proficiency include inter-individual differences in food perception and acceptance, methodological research on perceptual product testing with consumers, and the application of sensory methods to product development in both research and industry. Davide is currently on the editorial board for Food Quality and Preference, and is a member of the scientific committee for both the Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium and the European Sensory and Consumer Research Conference. He has published over 70 scientific articles and book chapters and he is a frequent contributor to international conferences on sensory science, product development, and consumer research worldwide.

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