Thierry Worch, Friesland-Campina, The Netherlands

Thierry Worch

Dr. Thierry Worch is an alumnus of the Institut-Agro Rennes in France, where he not only pursued his academic journey but also earned his Ph.D. in 2012. His doctoral research, titled "The Ideal Profile Analysis: from the validation to the statistical analysis of ideal profile data," was conducted in collaboration with Pieter Punter (OP&P, The Netherlands), Sébastien Lê, and Jérôme Pagès (Institut-Agro, France).

With a solid academic foundation, Dr. Worch embarked on a dynamic professional journey. For seven years, he served as a consultant for Qi Statistics in the United Kingdom. In 2019, he made a significant move to join the Global Sensory Department of Friesland-Campina in The Netherlands. In his role, he contributes his expertise in Sensory and Consumer Methods, Sensometrics, Data Science, and leads the Sensory and Consumer Digital Transformation.

Driven by a passion for data, Thierry actively engages in the development of new methods, the creation of applications, and the dissemination of knowledge. His commitment is evident in numerous papers addressing Sensometrics and his co-authorship of two books:

- "Analyzing Sensory Data with R" (CRC Press) co-authored with Dr. Sébastien Lê and Dr. Margot Brard.

- "Data Science for Sensory and Consumer Scientists" (CRC Press) co-authored with Dr. Julien Delarue, Dr. Vanessa Rios de Souza, and Dr. John Ennis.

This multifaceted professional not only demonstrates a keen interest in advancing his field but also actively contributes to its growth through research, publications, and collaborative projects.


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