Conference topics include:

Measuring sustainable consumer behaviour (methodological measures), communicating sustainability and biodiversity in food and non-food systems, R&D of sustainable solutions for daily life practises of consumers. Sustainable consumption; Consumer education and communication; Food-waste.

FoodTech & Health
Seeking business and growth opportunities for food system based on the scientific knowledge, and new understanding of the complex human-food relationship. Focus on new technologies, new or functional ingredients, and on personalized nutrition. Alternative proteins, Functional ingredients; Well-being; Tailored nutrition.

Food Terroir
Exploring the origin of food, PDO, and influence of growth areas and environment on food quality, sensory properties and perception. Origin; Local products; Sensory properties.

Cross Cultural Research
Investigating the individual differences in sensory perception and consumer behaviour of food and non-food products in cultural context. Individual differences.

Citizen Involvement
Involving citizens in research applying, for example, social media, gamification and different participatory methods connecting general public and science. New technologies for data collection; Data mining; Consumer data quality

Multisensory Perception
Understanding of multisensory experiences, cross-modal sensations and, for example, effect of surroundings on perception during the consumption or choice. Gastronomy; Context; Real-life; Virtual reality.

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