EUROSENSE 2024: A Sense of Global Culture

11th Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research

8-11 September 2024 | Dublin, Ireland


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The European Sensory Science Society (E3S) and Sensory Food Network Ireland are delighted to invite you to the 11th European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research 'A Sense of Global Culture'. EuroSense 2024 will be held in Dublin, Ireland at the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) located in the heart of the city.

10 things to do in Dublin:

EuroSense is a successful international event, which brings together academic and industry-based researchers from various career stages and from diverse geographical regions, in the field of sensory and consumer science. The meeting provides a unique opportunity to share the latest scientific discoveries in the field through renowned keynote speakers, oral and poster presentations and workshops. It is also a wonderful opportunity to create new connections and collaborations through networking and social events.

The theme of EuroSense 2024  'A Sense of Global Culture' emphasises on how an increasingly globalised world will shape the future of sensory and consumer science. Societies are transforming and lifestyles are transitioning, resulting in cultural global shifts and new approaches to living, eating and the environment. Speakers from across the world will present their latest findings and discuss current issues relating to the application of sensory science and consumer research on a global scale. The conference includes topics relating to food and non-food applications where the study of the senses plays a key role.

Topics include:

  • Sensory in sickness and in health
  • Method development and optimisation in sensory and consumer science
  • Fundamentals of sensory perception
  • Sensometrics
  • Sensory science as a tool for sustainable packaging and product communication
  • Socio-cultural, psychological, sensory and affective barriers for new product development and innovation acceptance
  • Sensory challenges and opportunities for existing, novel and alternative proteins
  • Sensory aspects in food service
  • Sensory science in non-food products
  • Disruptive technologies and the future of digital sensory science
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Conference Chairs
  • Emily Crofton, Teagsac, Ireland
    Eimear Gallagher, Teagasc, Ireland
    Sinéad McCarthy, Teagasc, Ireland


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